Feeding tube mark 2!

Isla has had her NG feeding tube since March. We've had many specialist appointments over the past few months and all seem to agree that there isn't going to be a short term fix. As well as struggling to drink any significant volumes, she also appears to aspirates thin liquids which is dangerous for her... Continue Reading →


Going abroad with an Isla!

Prep! We booked a holiday way back in February - before Isla had her palate repair and feeding tube. As it came around & it became apparent that Isla wasn't going to be able to be without the tube, I must admit I was a little nervous about going abroad. The main difficulty with the... Continue Reading →

Slings & pregnancy

*I am not a medical professional nor am I giving advice in this post, just my experience. Please seek the advice of your health care professional or local babywearing consultant/sling library if you have queries or concerns* I have carried Isabelle since she was a teeny tiny newborn. We have used most types of slings... Continue Reading →

Isla is ONE!

I cannot believe my amazing, determined little girl is one today. This week has been extremely emotional for me as I've been thinking back over her first year. It's definitely not been an easy one. We've contended with a NICU stay, separation, breathing difficulties, feeding difficulties, surgeries, hospital stays, sleep studies, scans, tests, cannulas, specialist... Continue Reading →

Exclusive expressing…. a year on!

I've previously written about my experiences of exclusively expressing for Isla as she couldn't breastfeed due to her cleft. Somehow, this week we've made it to a year and, rather fittingly, it's National Breastfeeding Celebration Week. We've overcome huge hurdles & donated 100000ml (3520oz) of milk in total this year. So this post are my... Continue Reading →

Life with a feeding tube 

Isla has had a feeding tube at two separate points in her life so far. When she was born, she was in the neonatal unit and couldn't feed at all initially so as well as being on a glucose drip, she also had an NG tube placed. Babies with a cleft palate often have no... Continue Reading →

Incredible Isabelle!

My posts so far have been all about Isla but the other half of my incredible pair is her big sister Isabelle who has had a bit of a journey of her own! Isabelle was literally forced into the world by csection on 25/2/14 at 11.28am after spending most of the pregnancy with her head... Continue Reading →

THE guilt!

Mummy guilt. It strikes you when you least expect it. Ever since I became a mum, I've felt it. And no one warns you, probably because even if they did you wouldn't believe it! I always had the pangs of guilt when I had Isabelle but when I was pregnant with Isla, 'the guilt' was... Continue Reading →

Cleft FAQ!

In the beginning, it was difficult when people asked certain questions. I didn't know the answers & there was so much unknown. Whilst there are still unknowns, it's much easier to answer questions now that we've lived it for the past 10 months. So here's the most commonly asked questions about Isla's cleft & more... Continue Reading →

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