Slings & pregnancy

*I am not a medical professional nor am I giving advice in this post, just my experience. Please seek the advice of your health care professional or local babywearing consultant/sling library if you have queries or concerns*

I have carried Isabelle since she was a teeny tiny newborn. We have used most types of slings during her first few years (there are serious perks of volunteering at sling library!) and were mainly using wraps & ring slings when I found out I was pregnant with Isla.

As I have discussed before, my pregnancy was not an easy one; I had pelvic pain & bleeding almost continuously for the first 16 weeks, a problem with the placenta at 28 weeks and there were many concerns regarding Isla. I found it difficult to manage a toddler and the strains of the pregnancy. I knew it was very important to listen to my body and not push myself physically.

However, for me, it was also important that I continued to carry Isabelle. There were periods of my pregnancy where I didn’t carry her for weeks as I didn’t feel physically able to and other periods where I was fine. Most of all, I still needed to get on with things & if I didn’t have a sling, I would just have ended up carrying her in my arms so slings really helped both of us. Practically – Isabelle was used to being carried and it made ours lives easier, especially with Larry to walk. She was only 18 months so still too young to walk everywhere. Also it was something that settled her – for sleep, after we had been separated because of yet another hospital stay, for quiet time.

These are some of the ways of carrying that I found worked for us;
Ring sling & woven wrap – hip carry
– Back carry – ruck, double hammock
– A variety of buckled carriers

I used a buckled carrier (mainly our Connecta) until the 3rd trimester, when I started to find it uncomfortable & less supportive due to the angle of the waistband & my ever expanding stomach! An onbu is another option as it has no waistband.

I don’t carry Isabelle as much anymore after a long break when recovering from Isla’s birth and weak stomach muscles from 2 surgeries. Daddy has taken over that role and they love their Saturday morning walks with Larry in the woods! We usually have one each now, which is lovely (or on occasions both!)

Your local sling library or babywearing consultant will be able to help you find something suitable for your individual needs so do pop along & see them. There is also an excellent article here about babywearing in pregnancy.



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  1. I am a huge advocate of babywearing, having my youngest three in just two years, it wasn’t really a choice – I needed two in a double and one in a sling! I used a woven mostly, I found it way comfier and secure for the babies, but I did have a ring sling which was easy for throwing on for the school runs, etc.


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