Isla is ONE!

I cannot believe my amazing, determined little girl is one today. This week has been extremely emotional for me as I’ve been thinking back over her first year.

It’s definitely not been an easy one. We’ve contended with a NICU stay, separation, breathing difficulties, feeding difficulties, surgeries, hospital stays, sleep studies, scans, tests, cannulas, specialist bottles, feeding tubes, endless hospital appointments, Doctors & their ‘worst case scenarios’, hearing aids, genetics testing, awful reflux, food allergies, refusal to eat, weight gain issues. And that’s on top of adjusting to being a family of 4.

But above all of that, we’ve made some fantastic family memories. We went on our first holiday as a 4 to Disney, saw my brother & sister in law get married, celebrated Isla’s first Christmas and birthdays, had weekends away, zoo trips, farm visits, picnics, walks to the park & lots of laughter.

Isla is now 18lbs & 63cm long. She has no teeth (although she had her first tooth removed from her nose during lip repair!) She can clap & wave. She absolutely loves music & dancing. Her favourite song is “if your happy & you know it”. She loves cuddles, kisses and being carried. She’s tenacious yet laid back and a sociable, happy little thing.

I’m not hoping this next year is ‘better’ as that’s out of our control. I just hope it’s as full of love & laughter as this year has been.

Happy first birthday my incredible Isla 💕






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