Putting on a ring sling with monitors and/or nasogastric tube – photo tutorial

The first time I carried Isla in a ring sling with monitors attached and a newly placed NG tube, I was very nervous! So I’ve put together this short photo tutorial to show a slightly alternative way of putting the ring sling on without having to disconnect monitors.

As always, safety is priority and further information can be found here and here.

  1. Ensure your ring sling is threaded and prepared for size. Position baby onto your front/hip as you would like to carry them.
  2. Whilst fully supporting baby with one arm, put the other arm through the ring sling, pass it over your head and rest the rings high on the opposite shoulder. Ensure that any wires/tubes have not become stuck and that baby’s airway is not obstructed at any time.


  3. Pull the ring sling ‘pouch’ down into a rope and sit baby on to the rope so that they are in a seated position with knees higher than bum. Pull the top edge (rail) of the fabric to the top of baby’s neck.
  4. Now make the seat. Ensure the top rail (edge) is up to the top of baby’s neck. Pull any excess fabric down so that the fabric is smooth over baby’s back. Bring slack in the bottom rail (edge) round from the side, pin the material into one knee pit, pull the fabric in a tight straight line under baby’s bottom and into the other knee pit, feeding excess slack up to the rings and tighten.
  5. Feed excess slack across the top of the ring sling to the rings and tighten. Continue to feed slack to the rings and tighten until all slack is passed through the rings. The ring sling should be secure with baby well supported, airway clear and all wires/tubes checked for any obstruction.

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